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Solar Sam - Solar Panel Hot Water Systems



q. Do solar water heating panels need direct sunlight in order to provide hot water?

a. No. They do not need direct sunlight to work, although they will be more effective on hot, sunny days.


q. Will a solar hot water system mean I don't need a conventional boiler?

a. No, you will still need your conventional boiler , but it will consume considerably less power supplying domestic hot water.


q. Are grants available for the fitting of solar hot water systems?

a. Yes. Under the Low Carbon Buildings Scheme grants of up to £400 are available from the UK Government towards the cost of having solar water heating systems fitted .


q. Can I use solar power to run my central heating system?

a. No, but most of the energy used on heating water domestic situations is on hot water for washing and bathing.


q. How much maintenance is required for a solar hot water system?

a. An annual check by the householder and a more in depth check by a professional installer every 3-5 years should be all that is required.


q. Will using solar water heating panels reduce my carbon foootprint?

a. The average domestic solar hot water system can reduce your carbon emissions by about 400kg per year.